Road Warning Signs & Object Markers Rental

What Types of Signs Fall Under the Classification of Warning & Object Signs?

Warning and object placards are placed beside roads to let drivers know that a hazard may be present. These indicate a driver needs to pay special attention to the road as the dangers may not be immediately apparent. While there are different designs for warning and object placards, the most common in the United States is a diamond shape with a black border, yellow background, and black lettering. This indicates that a driver should be cautious.

Danger placards are another type of sign that has white text and red background. Other road placards in this category include note, safety instruction, and object markers. The latter serves as a notice that an obstruction may be located in or around the road. Warning placards can be used for everything from areas where animals cross the street to bridges, tunnels, and spots where traffic merges.

6 Warning & Object Signs for Rent

Various kinds of objects and notification placards are on the market and can be purchased or rented for roads that require them. We mentioned a few of them above, but we also want to share some of the most common and exactly what they are used for. A handful of these include the following:

  • Large Animal Warning Signs – Some roads are located in areas where certain large animals are prone to visiting. Since these animals may cross the road, it’s essential for drivers to know they might appear. Various placards are available for specific animals, such as bears, donkeys, deer, horses, and sheep.
  • Dead End Signs – A dead-end sign is used at the entrance of a street where it ends in a cul-de-sac or a dead end. This is different from a no outlet sign, which we’ll talk about a bit later. Having these in the appropriate places can prevent drivers from turning onto the wrong roads or even driving off the end of them.
  • Expressway or Freeway Ends Signs – While dead-end placards and freeway ends indicators sound similar, they aren’t even close to the same thing. A freeway ends sign designates that drivers are moving from a freeway, which has at least four lanes, to another type of roadway. This gives a driver time to adapt to the new driving conditions coming up.
  • Photo Enforced Signs – If a driver sees a yellow and black sign that says “Photo Enforced” with a picture of a camera, it can only mean one thing. This indicates that a real-time photo is taken of traffic to record the behavior and speed of vehicles on the road. If a driver makes a violation, images of the car will make that clear.
  • No Outlet Signs – We talked about dead-end street placards, so you might wonder what a no outlet sign is all about. This kind of sign is used when you enter a network of roads that do not have any additional exits. These are often found in small neighborhoods with many streets but only one entrance in and out.

6 Warning & Object Signs For Rent

What Are the Benefits of Renting Warning & Object Signs Over Purchasing?

While it might seem like buying placards is the best decision since you can use them over and over again, that may not be entirely true. There are multiple benefits to renting traffic control equipment instead of permanently acquiring it. For example, when you rent from a quality company, you know they’re going to be of high quality. Those you purchase can deteriorate over time so this is something to consider.

Another thing that comes with renting street these placards is the ability to access anything you need. Instead of hoping you have the right indicators, you can order them for a temporary period and use them for a specific road project. Even if you need something highly specialized, you can rent it and then send it back when you’re done with it.

These placards also don’t need extra storage space, which in turn, costs you more money. By renting only the street indicators that you need for a project and using them for a limited time, there’s no need to worry about giant warehouses full of placards that might never be used again. Instead, you can store only the essentials and rent everything else you need.

Where Can I Buy Street Warning & Object Signs?

If you are looking to buy or rent street warning and object placards, Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, Inc. offers a wide selection of products to meet your needs. This woman-owned business provides high-quality items with a seven-day turnaround schedule so you can get started on important tasks. Ready to learn more? Visit our website and sign up for a free consultation today.