Traffic Control Signage

Traffic control signs are not merely informative in their function, but they serve some other purposes, which are equally important. Unsurprisingly, safety is a huge factor when setting up appropriate traffic control signs. It is those signs that can help direct traffic effectively away from work sites, and alert both the public and workers to potentially dangerous situations that may need to be avoided.

Below you’ll find descriptions of some of the most useful and popular traffic control signs currently being used at construction sites and at many other work-in-progress locations.

Rollup stands and signs

This category of signage is perfect for communicating important information about your worksite, and it can help keep workers as well as the public safe from any potential hazards. This signage is straightforward to set up as well as to take down, and it’s easily stored and transported from your garage or warehouse.

Some of the possible signs that can be set up at your worksite include:

  • Flagger Symbol
  • Road Work Ahead
  • Be Prepared To Stop

Although these are probably some of the more common types of signage, a great many others are available as a rollup sign.


Nothing is more effective as a way of blocking off sites you don’t want the public accessing than barricades. Barricades are easy to see and very easy to understand so there won’t be any misunderstanding about their intent. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your site needs.

  • A-frame leg barricades are one of the more popular types, and they can be enhanced with flashing lights to emphasize the ‘no access’ situation further.
  • Type I and Type II barricades can be made of wood or plastic, and are often available as rentals, or they can be sold outright.
  • Type III breakaway barricades have frames made of galvanized square tubing, which makes them resistant to corrosion and rust. The fact that they can be collapsed much faster than ordinary barricades makes them useful for quick, temporary jobs.

Cones and delineators

Cones and delineators are essential for helping to guide motorists into the proper lanes, and they facilitate safe driving around a site undergoing construction. They can be wrapped with a smart reflector material that shows up in the dark, or they can have cone lights attached as accessories so that they can be more easily seen in dark conditions.

They are virtually weatherproof down to about 40° below zero, and they can easily be recycled, so they are also an environmentally friendly product. They are very stable after being set up, so you don’t have to worry about cones being knocked over by gusts of wind.

Vests and flags

While not often thought of as signs per se, vests, and flags can be extremely important, and serve a similar function because they identify the wearer as having a particular purpose on a worksite. For example, a person wearing a Traffic Control vest would be someone who is authorized to direct traffic around a worksite, and someone who should thus be obeyed.

These vests are made of mesh and vinyl and are highly reflective so that the wearer can easily be seen even under the darkest of conditions. They are ideal types of signage to wear for police, security personnel, emergency medical technicians, and school crossing guards.

Flags are an excellent accompaniment for anyone wearing one of these informative, reflective vests because they help to get the attention of vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Signposts and hardware

There are several different types of sign support systems available, depending on the expected duration the signage will be used, and the intent of the signage. For those type of signs which are meant to be left in place for long periods, you can use a sign support system comprised of 12 or 14 gauge steel, with penetrator anchors that make installation easier. The anchor system for these kinds of support systems allows for either breakaway capabilities or ground-level performance.

Coupled with this kind of signpost system, you can use signposts, which are breakaway style or direct drive, and there are all kinds of sign mounting hardware available for square tubing, round posts, or u-channel posts. You can purchase rain caps for both flat and extruded signs, and drive caps are available for manual or piston-driven types.

Smaller accessories available include tamper-proof bolt sets, jam nuts, corner bolts, and signpost buttons, all of which will enhance the functionality of your signposts.

Posts can be customized to your needs by manufacturers who carry blank signage, which can be imprinted with any kind of information you require and built to meet your specifications, whatever they might be.

Signed sheeting of all grades can be used to convey important information to the public and workers on a site so that everyone can stay safe, and accidents can be avoided.