Truck Entering Systems

Truck Entering System

Human life is essential; the value of a truck is equally crucial. One of the main reasons you need to install a truck entering system is that it cautions drivers in real-time to slow-moving construction trucks entering the highway from the worksite. The truck entering system is portable, automated, and operates in real-time.

The system’s primary work is to caution drivers and ensure construction workers are safe from unnecessary collisions. It sends a warning by automatically beaming lights on a static sign or by simply activating a changeable message sign. Add this system to your traffic control system to increase safety in the highway work zone.

Our Truck entering system is efficiently installed, and regular maintenance officers are on standby to ensure they never experience any fault. They transmit information via radio frequency and ensure the appropriate channels are well laid.

Key Objective

This equipment aims at protecting collision accidents in work zone areas and regulating traffic at such points.

System information

  • It has a sensor box detecting trucks entering a working space using a directional sensor or side fire. It also has a high-definition camera and real-time video with SMS alerts.
  • The system is portable and doesn’t require a massive infrastructural investment.
  • It is fully computerized with a non-intrusive detection system.
  • It has a radio frequency transmission to a dedicated channel.
  • Near zero dormancy
  • Very easy to deploy
  • It has eco-friendly battery-power with automatic solar charging.
Key benefits

  • It saves life and property; it eliminates collisions.
  • Its non-intrusive devices make their installation safer.
  • Notifies drivers in advance, and this makes them avoid sudden break slam.
  • The maintenance cost is low.
Power system

  • The truck entering system uses an eco-friendly battery that is powered by solar energy.
  • Charging of the battery is automated, the solar panel aids in charging.
  • The battery is charged automatically by the solar panel.
  • The battery operates for a long time since it is energy efficient.
  • The battery box is lockable to protect it from any damage.

Our equipment requires minimum maintenance, and this means you won’t have to go through the pain of expensive maintenance:
All units are solar-powered for maintenance-free operations.

  • The display modules can be replaced.
  • It is built to withstand different weather conditions.

At Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, we focus on delivering the best quality for every order you make. We ensure that all our products are MUTCD-compliant. We uphold positive work ethics.

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The truck entering the warning system comprises two pieces of equipment that are paired electronically before being stationed.


How do They Alert?

Trucks entering systems detect through a sensor and activate a changeable message sign with flashing lights to warn motorists.

Monitoring and Reporting

Everything is recorded and can be viewed in real-time using software installed. This equipment can analyze how work zone activities impact traffic since data is archived by the minute.


The truck- entering the system is customized to manage both trucks exiting and entering the roadway; it can typically be applicable in road intersection crossings, work zones, haul roads, fire stations, and even police and fire stations.

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries has custom, application-specific equipment platforms. Whatever you are looking for, don’t worry! We got you covered with the best products in the market.