Traffic Data Collection

Traffic data collection is at the heart of any traffic control operation. Whether you seek historic traffic data to drive implementation of new construction projects or live traffic data to optimize real-time route information, partnering with a company that understands your traffic data collection needs is essential.

Truck Entering System

At Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, we take pride in offering a wide array of traffic data collection tools that contribute to your traffic control efforts and projects. If you require data collection instruments that gather historic data to strategically plan for future projects, we have tools that can be placed temporarily at a location or integrated into long-term data measurement operations. The same can be true for devices that measure live traffic data. 

Permanent data collection apparatus can help your municipality’s traffic control operations with updates throughout high usage periods. Whether you seek top-of-the-line, Bluetooth-enabled devices to unobtrusively track vehicle count or units that collect both traffic count and speed of vehicles this equipment will allow you to optimize the data collected to better plan projects, increase public safety, and even possibly generate revenue. 

Temporary data collection can focus on concentrated studies of less congested thoroughfares in preparation for construction or help with understanding how special events and unexpected traffic issues can affect patterns of flow and alternate routes. By incorporating data collection devices into equipment already on site, barriers and barrels can become multipurpose items that reduce clutter on an already busy project, and are easily moved as projects advance.

Traffic Data Collection for All Traffic Needs

For special event traffic, using temporary data collection before, during, and after events will give planners the information, they need to make the experience ideal for those who attend. Integrating data into traffic mapping systems can allow municipalities to react more efficiently when planned events or unexpected incidents make detours necessary. 

This is how educated governments spend road construction resources in the most efficient way. Having a variety of traffic data collection tools at your disposal will take the guesswork out of strategic planning and provide evidence for greater transparency to your taxpayers and anyone who relies on your system of roads. With the responsiveness of social media and the ability to immediately notify the public of traffic changes, having traffic data collection devices can be a game-changer for municipalities of all sizes. 

All of our products are compliant with standards established in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). We take pride in providing the highest quality, reliable products for our customers while also remaining competitive in our pricing. Traffic projects and systems that rely on taxpayer funding need the assurance that every aspect of a project or system has been competitively sourced and will perform dependably. 

Even with a comprehensive plan for road projects, there can be last-minute updates made once the project makes it to the field. Working with an agile, responsive company will prevent unnecessary delays that could cost your organization time and money. Our fast turn-around means that we can provide traffic data collection tools within seven days, so your projects do not have to experience expensive extensions. 

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Worksafe Traffic Control Industries is a full-service manufacturer of traffic and commercial signs, and a distributor of devices for traffic control and incident management equipment. Whatever your needs are for traffic data collection, we can provide products to be a part of your road construction and real-time traffic analysis projects. Call us at (802) 223-8948 for all your traffic detection needs.