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Workers Ahead Signs

Types of Road Work Ahead Signs Available

When it comes to temporary traffic condition (TTC) signs, there are tons of variations to use in different situations. However, we’ll focus on the types of signs that notify drivers of the work zone specifically. Beyond the standard “road work ahead” version, you can buy alternate options like: 

  • Slow Zone – This sign will have the underlined word “slow” above the words “work zone ahead.” The shape and coloration of this sign are the same as a regular road work ahead sign. 
  • Distance – In this case, you can notify drivers of the length of the work zone (i.e., 1/2 mile or 1000 feet). 
  • Type of Road Work – Your sign can be more specific about the kind of work being done on-site. Examples can include “utility work ahead,” “street work ahead,” or “shoulder work ahead.” These notifications can help drivers know what to look for when passing through the work zone. 

These signs are offered in a rollup option, aluminum, or plywood with HIP sheeting. 

Where to Place Road Work Ahead Signs

There are no specific requirements about the placement of these signs ahead of a construction zone (i.e., 1000 feet before). However, some guidelines to consider are: 

  • Type of Work Being Done – In some cases, road work may narrow the street to a single lane of traffic, necessitating the need for a sign operator. In these instances, the greater the distance, the better. 
  • Pedestrian Access – If pedestrians must go around the work zone, the MUTCD recommends offering auditory signals as well for those with visual impairments. 
  • Risk to Workers – In situations where workers will be close to traffic, signs may act as a partial barrier, showing drivers the minimum safe distance from the construction site. 

Before deploying a road work ahead sign, be sure to consider all of your signage needs. If you need specific notifications for different purposes, you’ll have to figure out where to place everything so that drivers don’t get confused. 

What is a Road Work Ahead Sign?

A road work ahead sign is usually diamond-shaped and uses black lettering on an orange background with a black border. The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) calls these signs “temporary traffic control” or TTC signs. Road Work Ahead is just one of many types of TTC signs available and is used in conjunction with many of them. 

Why are Road Work Ahead Signs Important?

According to the CDC, road work accidents lead to over 700 deaths annually. From 1982 to 2019, more than 28,000 persons lost their lives in these kinds of incidents. 

Road work ahead signs notify drivers to pay closer attention until they’re out of the construction zone. Placing these signs at the start of a new site can help ensure safer conditions for both drivers and workers.  

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Why Use WorkSafe TCI?

Road work zones can be dangerous to workers, pedestrians, and drivers alike. So, having the right signage matters. The MUTCD also recommends buying larger versions (i.e., 34 inches) when there are obstructions or other visibility issues. 

Fortunately, you can trust WorkSafe TCI to handle your order, thanks to our impeccable service and decades of experience in this industry. We can also deliver signs within seven days in most cases, but we can also accommodate rush orders. 

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