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Pedestrian Signs

Types of Pedestrian Crossing Signs

You can buy an array of pedestrian crossing signs to fit specific needs. Some examples can include:

  • Graphic Only – This diamond-shaped sign only has an image of a person walking with no text.
  • Yield Sign – You can buy a diamond or rectangular sign with a graphic and the words “yield to pedestrians.”
  • Stop Sign – Some states require vehicles to stop for pedestrians at marked crosswalks. To stay MUTCD-compliant, you must put these signs at these locations. If the state doesn’t have such a regulation, it’s actually non-compliant to put a stop sign. Instead, you must use the “yield to pedestrians” design.
  • Slow – In areas without crosswalks, you can use a sign that says “Slow – Watch for Pedestrians.” This option helps ensure that drivers pay more attention while in the area since individuals may cross the street at any point.
  • School Crossing – Pedestrian signs in school areas are much more vital because children may be crossing the street unattended. This sign may also be paired with a speed limit sign.

Once you choose the best design, you can opt for different coatings. The best coating is a fluorescent material that will shine brightly when illuminated by headlights. These signs also work well in areas with streetlights since they can sometimes interfere with a coating’s reflectivity. At WorkSafe TCI, we offer the best coating to ensure the health and safety of members of your community.

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Why are Pedestrian Crossing Signs Vital?

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration (GHSA), there were over 6,700 pedestrian fatalities in 2020. This number reflects a substantial increase, as there were roughly 1,000 fewer deaths in 2017.

So, having high-quality, brightly illuminated signs at crosswalks and other pedestrian crossings can help curb these incidents. Since many elderly individuals and children use crosswalks, these signs are even more critical for their safety.

Do You Need Crossing Signs at an Intersection?

Not all intersections need pedestrian crossing signs. First, those that have traffic lights do not need signage, as per MUTCD compliance rules. Second, intersections that don’t have heavy traffic may not need notifications for drivers.

Instead, cities or municipalities may place signs in pedestrian-heavy areas, such as around schools, playgrounds, parks, and residential areas. These signs should also accompany marked crosswalks, even if the crosswalk has its own traffic light system.

For divided streets, the best place to put a pedestrian crossing sign is in the center of the median with arrows pointing to either side. This way, drivers on both sides of the street can see the sign clearly.

How to Identify a Pedestrian Crossing Sign

A pedestrian crossing sign is designed to notify drivers of a potential crosswalk where pedestrians may cross the street. According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Code Devices (MUTCD), these signs are not to be placed at signalized locations. Instead, they’re used in spots where foot traffic is expected, but there are no other signals (i.e., a stop sign) to ensure that cars stop for pedestrians.

Several designs are used for pedestrian crossing signs, including those that tell drivers to yield or stop or warn about school zones and maximum speed limits. Pedestrian crossing signs are often diamond-shaped with a black border, yellow background, black words, and a graphic of a person (or persons) walking. Some of these signs are rectangular or shaped like a pentagon.

The WorkSafe TCI Difference

Pedestrian crossing signs are critical for keeping people safe, but it can be challenging to know which sign to use in which situation. Fortunately, at WorkSafe TCI, we have decades of experience making this type of signage. Not only can we guarantee our work, but we can also help you determine the right sign for each location.

We also specialize in rush orders and fast delivery. You can’t afford to wait days or weeks for a new sign to arrive. Most of our orders are completed within seven days, and we can handle most rush orders just as efficiently. Call us today to find out more about our pedestrian crossing signs.

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