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Civil engineering, urban planning, local governance and personal property security throw up occasions requiring No Outlet Signs. To ensure that you are never caught without one, we at Work Safe CTI have No Outlet Signs for Sale.

Just in case you are unfamiliar, wondering or not quite clear what we are talking about, here’s a quick clarification.
Often confused with Dead End signs, and rightly so, a No Outlet sign means a road has at least one other road that branches from it, but that it, too, is a dead end. For example, you may be able to wander around a subdivision with several streets, but there is only one way in or out of that subdivision. In such a case, there may be (and there needs to be) a No outlet sign at the entrance to the subdivision warning you that there is no outlet.

In other words, a No outlet sign means that the street may have one or more streets attached but each of those is a dead end and to get out then you have to go back the same way you came in. Or there is a loop at the end bringing you back to the same point.

Our No Outlet Signs for sale are produced according to MUTCD specifications and we can have them out to you in a flash.
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We have TWO main types of No outlet signs.

Types of No Outlet Signs

The TWO main types of No outlet signs are the usual W14-2 No Outlet signs and the W14-2a No Outlet signs.

W14-2 No Outlet signs

Conventional No Outlet signs are generally warning signs. Such No Outlet signs are diamond-shaped or a square standing on its axis or the corner of its right side.
W14-2 No Outlet signs warn entrants that the entrance they are facing is the only exit-there is no other outlet or exists. Alternatively, the No Outlet sign can read: No Through Traffic, No Outlet.

In addition to warning of there being no outlet, a conventional No Outlet sign can also be combined with a speed limit sign. This way, it warns of there being no outlet and informs you of the speed limit should you decide to proceed onto the road anyway.

The No Outlet W14-2 sign may also be used in combination with Street Name (D3-1) signs (see Section 2D.43) especially at the beginning of a street that has its entrance as it exists (i.e., there is no through road to connect to). In essence such a is a private road. As such, instead of a street name, it might simply read: Private Road-No Outlet.

For purposes of property safety, a No Outlet sign on a private road or to a private residence may simply have a No Outlet, No Trespassing Sign.
At the heart of most W14-2 No Outlet signs is the issue of warning of the non-existence of another outlet and that of privacy.

W14-2a No Outlet Sign

Unlike the conventional No Outlet signs, W14-2a No Outlet signs are horizontal yellow rectangles with black lettering. There are various examples of this type. Among them, the No Outlet sign with an arrow pointing in the direction where there is no outlet. For example No Outlet + Arrow Left/Right.

The W14-2a No Outlet sign (see Figure 2C-5) may also be used in combination with Street Name (D3-1) signs (see Section 2D.43) especially at the beginning of a street that has its entrance as its exit (i.e., there is no through road to connect to). For example, No Outlet -West Street Crescent.

Where to Place No Outlet Signs

W14-2 No Outlet signs may be placed at the entrance to a road or road network from which there is no other exit.

W14-2a signs may be placed in combination with Street Name (D3-1) to warn turning traffic that the cross street ends in the direction indicated by the arrow.

At locations where the cross street does not have a name, W14-2a signs may be used alone in place of a street name sign.

When the W14-1 (Dead End sign) or W14-2 signs are used, the sign shall be posted as near as practical to the entry point or at a sufficient advance distance to permit the road user to avoid the dead end or no outlet condition by turning at the nearest intersecting street.

W14-2 No Outlet signs shall not be used instead of the W14-1 or W14-2 signs, where traffic can proceed straight through the intersection into the dead-end street or no outlet area.
W14-2 No Outlet signs can be placed at the entrance to the subdivision warning you that there is no outlet.

What Does a no Outlet Sign Indicate?

They indicate that:

  • There is no alternative exit to the entrance.
  • There is no exit in the direction indicated.
  • No other road exits exist other than the entrance and you should stick to the indicated speed limit.
  • The road or street indicated has no through road as it leads to private property. You are therefore warned not to trespass.
  • No through traffic to an adjacent subdivision or people looking for a way to bypass a congested highway can use the road for such.

Why Are No Outlet Signs Important?

Like most warning signs, they call attention to conditions and expectations on or a street, or private roads open to public travel and to situations that might not be readily apparent to road users.

They alert road users to conditions that might call for a reduction of speed or an action in the interest of safety and efficient traffic operations and/or travel because of the nature or conditions of and on the road, they are traveling.

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