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Are you looking for a loading zone sign that you can customize to your business or organization’s needs? Look no further than our loading zone signs for sale at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries. Loading zone signs can be personalized to include your company name, logo, or other important information.

Businesses use these signs on loading docks, parking lots, and other areas where loading and unloading take place. If you have a loading zone on your property, it’s important to have a sign that clearly indicates the space for loading and unloading.

Types of Loading Zone Signs (CTA Button – Order now)

We offer a variety of loading zone signs for sale, including:

  • Aluminum loading zone signs
  • Plastic loading zone signs
  • Magnetic loading zone signs
  • Portable loading zone signs
  • Custom loading zone signs

Our loading zone signs are made from high-quality materials that will withstand the elements and last for years. They are also easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware.

Where to Place Loading Zone Signs

Businesses should place loading zone signs in a visible location near the loading area. They should be at eye level so that drivers can easily see them. When placing loading zone signs, find a location where they won’t be obstructed by vehicles or other objects.
The loading zone sign should be on the right side of the loading dock. It should be placed in the center of the loading dock, at least three feet from the loading dock edge.

What Does a Loading Zone Sign Indicate?

This sign designates an area where vehicles can stop temporarily to pick up or drop off passengers or to load or unload cargo.
The loading zone sign is white with a black loading zone symbol and the words “Loading Zone”.

How to Use Loading Zone Signs

Loading zone signs should indicate loading and unloading areas on your property. They can also be used to reserve parking for loading and unloading only.
Drivers will usually see these signs and know to use the loading zone only for a quick stop. Businesses such as grocery stores, banks, and restaurants often have loading zones for their customers. Airports also have loading zones for passengers who are picking up or dropping off someone.

Why Are Loading Zone Signs Important?

Loading zone signs are important because they help keep loading and unloading areas on your property organized. They also help prevent accidents by clearly marking the loading and unloading areas.

When you have a business such as a grocery store, furniture store, or restaurant, loading and unloading areas can get crowded. Loading zone signs make it easier for designated workers to find the loading and unloading areas. When it is time to load and unload heavy equipment, the last thing an employee needs is to maneuver around parked cars. Not having a designated loading zone could severely slow down deliveries.

If you have a loading dock on your property or business, it is required by law to have a loading zone sign. This sign will help to ensure that the loading dock operates safely and correctly.

The Worksafe TCI Difference

When you need loading zone signs, trust the experts at WorkSafe Traffic Control Industries. We have been in business for over 25 years and have a team of experts that can help you with all your loading zone sign needs.

We offer a wide selection of loading zone signs for sale, including aluminum, plastic, and magnetic signs. We also offer custom loading zone signs to meet your specific needs.
Our products are made from high-quality materials and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to order your loading zone sign.

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