Custom Political Yard Signs for Sale

Custom Political Yard Signs

Political yard signs have been a tradition since the 1800s and continue to be popular forms of campaigning for local, state, and federal elections. You always know that it’s election season when you see signs popping everywhere. Custom political yard signs have become more prevalent in recent years, making them among the most widely used types of political advertising. Yet, despite its ubiquity, there have been debates about the effectiveness of these information signs.

What Size Are Political Yard Signs?

The standard size for political yard signs is 18 H x 24 W inches. You can display your name, the office you are vying for, and your slogan or a brief message.

Small yard signs are typically 12 H x 18 W inches. These are usually placed on lawns. You can consider this sign if you are on a tight budget; otherwise, go for a much bigger one.

You can also choose a 24 X 24 sign that will allow you to add a name, image, and a brief message. Your image’s presence will catch the passersby’s attention, and they will want to know what you have to say in your message.

There are also sizeable political yard signs that measure 24 x 36 inches. These signs are usually placed in public places such as roads and streets, so people driving by can see them easily from their vehicles.

Political Yard Signs Rules

Some general guidelines should be followed when erecting political signs. Before designing campaign yard signs, ensure that you know the local guidelines since they differ from state to state. Here are some rules:

  • They should not have blinking lights or illumination.
  • Should not block the public’s right of way.
  • There are rules limiting the size of yards sign (Mostly should be 18 x 24″).
  • Not to use words or symbols that could be confused as traffic signs
  • Time limits on when to erect and remove the signs
  • You cannot place signs within 150 feet of a voting location on election day.

How do Political Signs Impact Election Results?

Campaign yard signs can raise vote share by 1.7 percentage points. This affirms campaign managers’ concerns, as they see this method as time and money wastage. On the brighter side, political candidates trust their effectiveness. They believe political signs may impact election results because they can help encourage people to vote for a candidate or cause.

According to political scientist Mel Kahn, political yard signs help build name recognition, positively affecting voters’ choices. Kahn believes that each lawn sign increases name recognition by 6-10 voters. In short, campaign yard signs have proven to be a successful tool for marketing.
The more visible a candidate is, the higher their chances of winning an election. Lawn signs help voters, especially those not interested in politics, know who is running for a particular seat.

Custom Political Signs may be more effective in local campaigns where the candidate is well known or has had any interactions with the voters.
It’s good to note that the effectiveness of political signs in the local area highly depends on many factors. This includes the number of signs in each neighborhood, the placement, and whether the person is well known locally.

In addition, for some voters, it’s not about whose name is on the sign but what they offer to deliver.
The discussion about whether political yard signs are effective will undoubtedly continue today and in the foreseeable future. But, even in the social media realm, their prevalence shows that they are here to stay.

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