What is a Smart Work Zone? Smart Work Zones Explained

Smart Work Zone

A smart work zone is a traffic control technology configured for a particular scenario. The technology is located within a work zone roadway to enhance construction workers’ safety, advocate for motorists’ efficiency, and provide computerized real-time information for a work precinct in a roadway.

Smart zones minimize the reliance on human observers and create a safer environment for roadway workers.

How Does it Work?

Smart work zones utilize radar guns or sensitive sensors to detect vehicles’ existence and speed around roadways and in return display the right message on a variable message sign tool.

For instance, in an active combination system; vehicles going towards a lane closure are ordered to use any available lane when there are low speeds and congestion. On the other hand, motorists get directed to make an early turn upon congestion or even left to make their own road decisions.

Work Zone Explained

Freeway construction sites create conflict between working activity and car traffic. Work zones cause heavy traffic that infringes on motorists’ norms and exposes construction workers working near fast-moving vehicles to danger.

When one or more freeway section lanes get closed, work zone capacity is minimized, and congestion arises on the freeway. In this case, these zones that lead to road passages cause a challenge for the traffic management system trying to provide a safe and efficient traffic movement.

Why Is It Such A Challenge?

When congestion arises on roads, vehicles tend to que up on the freeway, stretching several miles. This situation is a headache for motorists as they have no information of how long it will take to clear the zone or what is going on ahead of them.

The lack of processed real-time information is one reason why motorists get frustrated in working zones. Despite technological advancement, traffic departments still use conventional changeable message signs posted along freeways.

However, they do not provide processed real-time information and only display information such as possible delays and type of construction ahead. With such limited information, motorists will barely know how long and why there is traffic on the road.

In this situation, there exists a need to provide motorists with the right and on-time information. Motorists need to know how long it will take to clear the zone for passage, how long the derailment will last, and the on which speed they should drive ahead.

This information helps motorists decide whether they should divert from that route or stay on the freeway until everything clears up.

Road Work Zone

What is the Benefit of a Smart Work Zone?

Smart Work Zones reduce fatalities and injuries in road construction sites near freeways.
Conventional working zones are neither good nowadays as they pose a special danger for travelers and workers. Thanks to contemporary technology, we now have smart work zones.

There has been an increase in traffic pattern changes and construction activities in the United States as projects to repair and maintain aging infrastructure has been underway. To enhance safety and provide dynamic management, the work zone has advanced from conventional zones to technologically advanced Intelligent Transport Systems, also known as Smart Work Zones.

Smart work zone is beneficial in the following ways:

  • They make these zones safer for motorists and freeway workers
  • They give space for speedy incident clearance, thus reducing secondary incidents
  • Motivates stuck motorists to divert on alternative routes if possible, reducing traffic congestion
  • Informs motorists of what is going on and how long the situation will take; in the process minimizing their frustrations

Characteristics of a Smart Work Zone

  • Real-time: The system gathers and processes traffic flow information in real-time, regularly giving up to date information to motorists
  • Portable: Smart Work Zone is portable and installable in different destinations.
  • Reliable: They provide correct and reliable information
  • Automated: It runs in a computerized system with little supervision by human operators

Buy Smart Work Zone Equipment

A smart working zone works to improve freeway workers’ and motorists’ well-being, helps in the planning of incident management, and authenticates freeway traffic operations while reducing congestion hindrance.

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