Improving Safety with Smart Work Zone Technology

One of the most challenging aspects of road construction is the act of securing the site and managing traffic around it with traffic control signage. Whether your team is responsible for maintaining an existing road or you’re replacing a major thoroughfare, you should strongly consider the strategy you’ll be using to keep your employees and contractors safe.

Investing in traffic management systems in Vermont has a number of benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Recent technology advances are making traffic management systems more effective, meaning that it’s more important now than ever before to ensure you are using the latest and most state-of-the-art traffic control technologies.

Defining a smart work zone

A “smart” work zone incorporates a wide range of different technologies, including interconnected radar systems, cameras and visual displays. Smart work zones use Bluetooth, the internet, radio and on-site displays to communicate real-time status and traffic updates to drivers, smart cars and employees.

By providing vital information in real time, smart work zones reduce collisions and make traffic more manageable. Keeping drivers informed and engaged can reduce the risk of injury faced by your team, and improve your construction timeline.

Here are just some of the benefits associated with using smart traffic management systems in Vermont:

  • Accident reduction: The most important role smart work zone technology plays is in accident reduction. By warning motorists well in advance of adverse road conditions or dramatic slowdowns, you are substantially reducing the risk of an uninformed driver wreaking havoc on your active construction site. Smart work zone technology makes work sites safer for both motorists and contractors.
  • Reduce motorist frustration: When drivers are calm, they are more likely to remain in control of their vehicles and make good decisions. Investing in smart work site technology can help you keep motorists informed about activity on your work site. When motorists are well informed, they are more likely to remain calm, even in frustrating traffic situations.
  • Encourage alternative routes: When you are operating a construction site, the best amount of traffic is no traffic. You can use smart work site technology to encourage drivers to take alternate routes whenever possible. Encouraging drivers to take alternate routes will make traffic more manageable on your site, and reduce the possibility of an accident.
  • Clear incidents more quickly: If an accident does occur on your work site, smart work site technology can substantially improve your ability to get things back up and operating as promptly as possible. When you clear an incident more quickly, you are reducing the possibility of a secondary incident occurring.

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries has been the premier provider of traffic management systems in Vermont since 1993. We offer state-of-the-art, technologically advanced solutions to a wide range of traffic control problems. Regardless of your site-specific needs, you can count on Worksafe Traffic Control Industries to provide you with the smart work zone technology you need to safely and successfully execute your next job. Contact one of our knowledgeable traffic control experts today to learn more about our extensive range of traffic control solutions.

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