Two-Way Traffic Signs & Their Meaning

2 Way Signs

Two-way traffic signs are important road signs that are used to indicate that a driver is entering a two-way roadway. This road sign is particularly important in situations where the driver is leaving a one-way street or roadway. Accidents could occur if the driver is not paying attention and starts driving in the wrong lane on a two-way roadway. Traffic signs provide important information for drivers and pedestrians, with rules that are intended to keep everyone safe.

These signs are messages, which we are all asked to learn and understand when we pursue the ability to drive, via standardized driver’s license tests. The recognition of traffic signs, including the two-way sign, are part of the curriculum for students who are first learning how to drive a vehicle.

The message to students and eventually to motorists as they go out on the road is that they can avoid accidents if they follow the rules, read the traffic placards, and appropriately respond to roadway directions. Here is a quick overview and discussion of the purpose of two-way signs, along with why they are so important for the safety and security of motorists and pedestrians.

What is the Purpose of a Two-Way Traffic Sign?

The purpose of the two-way sign is to make drivers aware that two-way movement is ahead. It is a warning or cautionary sign that should allow the driver to prepare for the restrictions of a two-way driving situation. The sign also reminds the driver to stay to the right-hand side of the road to avoid oncoming vehicles on the two-way street ahead.

Two-way traffic often crosses roadways that are designed to be one-way roads, so it is essential to repeatedly remind the motorist of the limitations of each roadway. It is also possible that certain roadways supported one-way movement in the past, or even on a regular basis, but the normal flow of vehicles has been altered.

The typical reason for the change in traffic-flow is related to construction projects, so it may seem like a logical change. For those motorists who are familiar with the “standard” or “normal” flow, it is even more important to clearly indicate the change in the conditions. The purpose of these placards in construction situations is to prevent confusion and avoid traffic accidents. It is a way to raise awareness and to facilitate a better understanding of the current state of the road and conditions.

What Is The Purpose Of A Two Way Traffic Sign

How Do Two-Way Traffic Signs Help Keep Motorists Safe?

A two-way sign helps to keep motorists safe by helping them to see and understand the change in movement. The driver needs to specifically grasp any hazards that lie ahead, particularly if the flow has changed due to construction, special event, or other unique circumstance. The rules of the road for a two-way street are different than a one-way street, so the driver should be aware that he or she should act according to the changed expectations for their driving behavior.

When the motorist sees the sign, the person not only understands the rules of driving on the right side of the road, but it’s also clear that they will face the consequences if he or she ignores the rules of the road. Nobody wants to get a ticket for breaking the rules of the road.

The two-way traffic signs offer a warning, but also a series of unspoken directives regarding appropriate behavior on the road. If the motorist follows the rules, everything should be ok. There is also the reality of consequences, in legal and safety concerns, if the rules of the road are not followed. You cannot afford to be negligent when it comes to the health and safety of your crew, staff, or even of the motorists who may happen upon your roadside situation.

Where Can I Buy Two-Way & Four-Way Highway Signs?

Two-way and four-way highway signs are particularly important for construction jobs, where worker’s safety is the primary consideration. That’s why we, at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, launched our business in 1993. We could see that there was a need for quality highway road placards for purchase, so we launched our business to meet that growing need. Since our initial launch, we have expanded our business of sign purchase to incorporate safety supplies as well as other safety equipment for construction and roadway projects.

Even beyond our business of sign purchase, our goal continues to be to ensure the safe and secure operation in any construction, roadway, or commercial working situation. We offer the tools that you need to ensure the safety and security of your crew as well as the safe completion of your project or special event.

We make it easy to implement our road-sign solutions, whether you need something permanent or a more temporary solution. The communication of those essential roadway messages is not something that you can ignore. Ruggedized roadway signs purvey the perfect message that every motorist understands, which is why our services are in such high demand.

Where Can I Rent Two-Way & Four-Way Highway Signs?

So many of the construction and roadway projects we work on require two-way and four-way highway placards for limited situations, so we expanded our business to support rental industry requirements with traffic sign rental scenarios.

With our sign rentals, our construction and commercial clients can put our safety signs to work for their needs, without worrying about being stuck with placards that are not needed for every project or everyday use situations. It may be the perfect way to communicate the change in roadway conditions or the redirection of traffic for a special event and it may be supported by the permitting you need.

Find out more about our road signs for rent. They may come in handy for situations that you have not yet anticipated or encountered. Our rental road signs may be exactly what you need right now.

Whether you are just looking to learn more, or you are ready to rent your road placards today, give us a call. We will answer your questions, walk you through the entire process, and we can even create the perfect sign for your needs. We may just be the perfect solution you have been looking for.

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