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Road placards play an important role in the safety and movement of traffic. Road placards are standardized in the United States so that a driver knows from color, shape, and wording what kind of message an upcoming sign is going to send.
There are signs that tell motorists when to go, when to stop, when to stay in a lane, and what hazards they should be looking out for. Indicators may be simple in shape and contain few words but they are powerful tools for keeping order on everything from suburban streets to major highways.
Signs are such informational beacons that teen drivers everywhere learn to memorize placards with and without words as a condition of passing their exams and being awarded a driver’s license.

What Do Road Closed Signs Indicate to Drivers?

One important sign is the Road Closed Sign. Road Closed Indicators let drivers know that even though a roadway exists, it is closed to traffic. If the closure is caused by something that isn’t permanent like road-work or conditions, it falls into the category of temporary warning placards. Other kinds of temporary warning indicators caution drivers about upcoming lane shifts, traffic pattern changes, construction crews at work, shoulders closed, length of a project, and flooded roads.
A Road Closed sign could alternately be manufactured to say Street Closed. Sometimes street closure placards also give an indication of how soon the closure happens in feet or miles.
There is a separate category of Road Closed indicators for situations that are more permanent. This sign is used if a street is closed indefinitely for the construction of another roadway or it is closed for traffic calming purposes.

Road Closed Signs

How Many Different Road Closed Signs Are There?

Temporary traffic warning placards alerting that a path is closed will be orange. That is part of the standardized sign color scheme adopted in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control, MUTCD. The manual assigns color profiles to placards in thirteen categories. Regular warning indicators have yellow backgrounds and placards with red can only be used in conjunction with stop, yield, or prohibited movements.
If a closure is long-term and not temporary, a sign with a white background and black letters is used.
The MUTCD prints the standards for dozens upon dozens of placards. Most states have adopted these guidelines although some add their own customized placards to the list. Additionally, some big cities adopt even more of their own.

What are the Three Categories of Road Signs?

Road placards are divided into three broad categories.

  • Regulatory – These are those that indicate traffic laws and regulations like stop, yield, one-way, and the speed limit. Regulatory placards apply to motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.
  • Warning – These indicators alert drivers to hazards that might not be easy to see or aren’t typically expected. Speed bump warnings, animal crossings, and playground indicators are all examples of warnings. A Road Closed Sign is a warning, whether the closure is temporary or permanent.
  • Guide – These are the indicators that let drivers know where they are, where they are going, and what is near them. Exit and entry indicators to freeways and placards that log mileage to different destinations are all examples of guide signs.

Where Can I Buy Road Closed Signs?

Work Safe Traffic Control Industries offers a complete fleet of roadway signage solutions including indicators that say Road Closed. Our placards and their specifications are detailed here on our website. Our founders began manufacturing their first indicators in a small workspace back in 1993. The business has grown since then and so has the need for safety signage along the roads. We still manufacture all of our own signs.

Where Can I Rent Road Closed Signs?

If you need short-term indicators consider Worksafe Traffic Control Industries and our complete line of rental placards. We also feature a full line of portable rental traffic control equipment like trailer-mounted traffic signals and barriers that can be filled with water for stability. We believe that temporary pavement markings, traffic control devices, and effective indicators work together to protect crews and drivers as they navigate construction zones both day and night.
All of our signs at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries are fully compliant. Whether you need temporary placards for a construction project or long-term options for a municipality, we can provide you with the solutions that you need.
Worksafe Traffic Control Industries is active in industry groups including American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), and Associated General Contractors (AGC). We also take an active role in highway safety groups and chambers of commerce throughout New England.
Talk to our office today or connect with us on Social Media for superior customer service and signage. We offer competitive rates that do not sacrifice quality or safety.