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Industrial traffic signs are necessary to signal traffic to what is going on in a particular area. Safety is critical, and you need dependable signage. Knowing what your options are will ensure you can find what you need when you need it.

What Qualifies as an Industrial Traffic Sign?

Industrial traffic signs are located on the side of or above roads and highways. They are designed to provide critical information to drivers to maintain regulations within the area and ensure that everyone is driving safely.

Industrial traffic signs have evolved considerably over the years. The first traffic indicators were found on wood or stone. Now, they are made of metal and may be mounted to metal posts or hung from traffic lights and other structures erected on the highway. The metal indicators ensure they are virtually indestructible – they are waterproof and can withstand high levels of wind.

An industrial traffic sign can be used on private or public property. As traffic has increased, pictorial placards are being used with greater frequency. This eliminates many words so that it is easier for drivers to understand what is going on as they passed quickly by. Additionally, the use of symbols is based on international protocols, making it easier for drivers from around the world to understand what actions need to be taken or what warnings need to be heeded.

Categories of Signs

Most of the industrial traffic signs throughout the United States as well as Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia are categorized to identify how and where indicators will be used:

While the signs are predominantly for drivers, they do provide direction (and safety) for others. This includes pedestrians, cyclists, and construction workers. Depending on the sign, they can come in various shapes and colors. Some will feature words while others will simply utilize internationally recognized symbols.

Different Shapes

It is important to understand that traffic signage can come in different shapes. Some shapes are unique to one specific command while others are more generic.

  • Pennant: The only type of signage that uses a pennant is one that signifies a ‘no passing zone.’ It ensures that drivers know they are not allowed to move to the adjacent lane and pass in front of a vehicle.
  • Octagon: Only a ‘stop’ sign will use an octagon-shaped sign. It ensures that drivers come to a complete stop and look in all directions before proceeding.
  • Diamond: When there is a diamond-shaped sign, it warns of hazards that may be found ahead. This includes such things as a road closure, pedestrians, tractors, a dead end, and more.
  • Horizontal rectangle: These indicators will provide guidance to drivers, such as if oncoming traffic does not stop or when a particular lane is ‘exit only.’
  • Vertical rectangle: Vertical signs will tell drivers of regulatory information, such as speed limits on highways or exit ramps.
  • Upside down triangle: This shape is always to identify that it is necessary to ‘yield.’

Visibility of Signs

Signs need to be visible when people are speeding down the highway. If a sign cannot be seen, important information can be missed. Its why indicators are not only different shapes but also different colors.

Signage placement is critical. It tells people what they need to know in a place where they will look. While some signage may be placed on the left side of the road, most is placed on the right.

Additionally, many signs are placed 1,000 meters before an interchange or hazard. It gives drivers a chance to process the information and get into the necessary lane (or adjust their driving in another way).

Sign visibility is controlled in a few different ways. The size of the sign and the lettering is critical to ensure that drivers can see it without the sign being so large that it becomes a hazard. The standard size for most of the sizes are 30 inches by 36 inches.

Bright colors are used to help with visibility, too. Red, orange, yellow, and white are the most common colors to catch attention and ensure that those on the road know what they need to do.

Finally, reflective surfaces are important. Particularly at night, signage is still vital. People will need to be able to read a sign even in the dark. By using a reflective surface, headlights will hit the sign, offering the necessary illumination.

While some highways will use lights to illuminate signs of importance, this is not always the case. As such, placards need to be able to function on their own.

Industrial Traffic Sign

Where Can I Source Traffic Signs?

Sourcing traffic signs does not have to be complicated. You can order them online at your convenience and get the quality that will hold up against the elements. At Work Safe Traffic Control Industries, Inc., we make it easy for you to order the indicators that you need – place your order online or call us at (802) 223-8948.

Our signs include a yellow retroreflective background and a prominent black border on most of the indicators that you will be shopping for. Additionally, the letters are large enough to be seen from a distance. This ensures that drivers have ample time to learn of any warnings or changes in the regulations.

We offer all the various regulatory signs that you need, from warning of a divided highway to telling where to stop for pedestrians. We also have an array of warning signs to tell of draw bridges, ramp meters, soft shoulders, and more.

Custom Signs

Do you need custom industrial traffic signs? There may be a unique road condition near you – or you have a specific regulation within your town or community. We have the means to provide you with the customization needed.

It ensures that roadways and areas have sufficient signage to keep everyone (and everything) as safe as can be. Additionally, we offer “changeable information signs” that are electric. It allows you to change the message on an as-needed basis, such as identifying when there will be road work being completed or if there are workers present on the road.

Sign Rentals

There may be times when you only need placards for a short period of time. There is no need to invest in the indicators and hardware when you plan on using them for weeks or months. At Work Safe Traffic Control Industries, Inc., we are proud to offer temporary signs that you can rent.

Various work zone signs are temporary and can be used on easel-style stands or be mounted many types of road barricades. It allows you to educate those around you while also being able to get the signs up quickly. The rental fees are more affordable than the investment of purchasing a sign – so it makes sense when you do not need a sign in place permanently.

Explore the products we have online. When you are ready to order, call us or place your order online. We offer everything you need to have the industrial signs in place, from signposts and hardware to solar-powered lights. If you cannot find what you are looking for, call us so we can find the solutions that work best for you.

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