Making Road Work Safer with Construction Signs in Vermont

When you see those orange cones, do you slow down? Or do you sigh in frustration that your commute will be lengthened by construction and try to plow through as quickly as possible? As you encounter construction signs in Vermont, it’s important to remain alert and adhere to appropriate safety measures.

These signs are in place to help both motorists and construction workers. They are an important part of using the highways and byways of Vermont. Here’s how construction signs in Vermont benefit everyone on the roadways.


When you encounter a long line of vehicles, you naturally wonder what is causing the traffic jam. Was there an accident? How long will you have to sit there?

Construction signs in Vermont help answer these questions. They let drivers know when they are entering and exiting a construction zone, so it is clear what is going on and drivers can know what to expect. The signs indicate the number of miles over which construction is taking place.

The signs also let drivers know how to proceed with caution. If workers will be on the left, drivers know to move to the right for safety. If a lane will be closed, signs direct drivers to merge. Construction signs in Vermont are key to making drivers aware of the new conditions of their surroundings to keep things moving as smoothly and safely as possible.


Construction signs in Vermont often inform drivers of upcoming construction plans. They indicate when roadwork will begin and end and what types of delays drivers can expect. This allows drivers to plan ahead, to either allow more time for their travels or find a different route during construction.

Detours are often set up by construction signs in Vermont to help with this process. Signs reroute motorists to help direct traffic flow around the construction, for convenience and safety. Drivers can follow these new planned routes to avoid congestion caused by construction or impassable stretches of road.


The standardization of construction signs in Vermont helps keep roadways safe. When motorists see orange, they know to proceed with caution and remain alert for workers and unusual conditions. This helps protect construction workers, emergency personnel and drivers.

Construction signs in Vermont can alert drivers to soft shoulders, blocked lanes, rough surfaces, bumps and dips and more. All of these conditions change how a driver approaches and drives on a roadway. By clearly communicating the current conditions of construction progress, worker placement and road surfaces, construction signs in Vermont enhance the safety of everyone involved.

Keep Construction Zones Safe

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