Six Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing Business Signs in Vermont

If you have ever had to design a sign for your business, then you know what a challenge it can be. To try and distill and entire message and all the reasons to visit your business into one succinct and snappy sign can be difficult even for the professionals. But fortunately, there are a few failsafe ways to ensure you are happy with the end result, and most of them can be covered in a few questions. To that end, here are six questions you ought to ask yourself when designing business signs in Vermont.

How big will this need to be?

Is this sign going to be big enough to take up your entire front window, or small enough to tack onto a bulletin board? Obviously, the ultimate size for your sign will greatly affect how much information you will be able to include on it, and how big your font size needs to be.

Is it too complicated or vague for passersby?

If you find yourself needing to explain the rationale behind different design and slogan choices, then you know that your sign idea is too complicated or abstract to hold the average customer’s attention. After all, you will not be there to explain the sign to everyone, so you need to make sure it can speak for itself.

Is my use of color eye-catching or garish?

Picking out colors can be one of the most enjoyable and creative parts of designing a sign, but be careful not to let your imagination run too wild. Eye-catching is good, but you want people to notice your sign because it is pleasing to the eye, not because the color combination gives them a headache.

Am I advertising my business’ best qualities?

If you had to describe the best things about your business using three words or short phrases, what would they be? If you are designing a general business sign, then the gist of that message should be on it. If the sign is for a particular sale or promotion, follow the same exercise, but with a more specific focus.

Have I gotten a neutral second opinion?

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to be completely unbiased when evaluating your own work. That is why you need to ask a trusted friend—preferably one who has no professional relationship with your business—to give you their honest feedback regarding your sign design ideas.

Do I trust my sign business?

Once you know how you want your sign to look, you need to find a service specializing in business signs in Vermont that is experienced, well respected and reasonably priced. To help narrow down your search, try asking fellow businesses in your community whose signs you admire (aside from your competitors) where they got their signs made.

The team here at Always On Time Sign & Design would be happy to fulfill all of your needs for attractive and effective business signs in Vermont. We have been serving our local community since 1998, and look forward to helping you soon.

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