Seven Common Mistakes to Avoid With Logo Design in Vermont

Whether you are designing the very first logo for your new business or you are looking to totally rebrand your image, designing a new logo for your company is a very exciting process—and one that has a lot riding on it. After all, this logo will be the primary visual that consumers associate with your business, so you want to be sure to get it right.

But with all the different factors involved, how can you be sure your logo is effective? That can be difficult, but knowing what to avoid makes for a good start. Here are seven common mistakes to avoid with logo design in Vermont:

  • Being too trendy: Of course you want your business’ logo to look modern, and to resonate with consumers. But following logo trends too closely will doom your business to just seem like one more in a sea of identical brands—or even worse, it will look like you intentionally copied another business’ logo, which may result in legal trouble.
  • Too much complexity: Your logo needs to look as good on a pen or keychain as it will look on a 50-foot sign. Too much complexity means that the logo will appear convoluted and muddled in smaller form, which is a big drawback if you plan on printing it on promotional materials.
  • Over-thinking it: If you show your logo idea to a friend or colleague and it takes them longer than a moment or two to identify the key concept, then you are definitely over-thinking your logo. Longer-form advertisements can be clever, but logos need to communicate their message immediately.
  • Leaning heavily on color: Using the right color can certainly enhance the look and impact of your logo. But there is always a chance that the logo will be printed in black and white at some point, which means that it should hold some sort of design interest as well.
  • Poor font choices: By now, pretty much every professional knows to avoid Comic Sans like the plague. But font choice can be a lot more complex than that, and different fonts can send entirely different messages about your business. You need to strike the perfect balance between professional and playful, and that will take some trial and error.
  • Using cliches: A plunger for a plumber, a light bulb for an electrician and a computer for a tech company—these cliches can make your logo all to easy for consumers to overlook, because they do not offer them anything unexpected.
  • Not hiring a professional: Having ideas about how your logo should look is great. But unless you have real world experience with graphic design, you need to trust the final product to a professional with experience in logo design in Vermont to ensure that it is worth your time and effort.

If you are in the market for creative, professional and reasonably priced logo design in Vermont, we hope you will consider trusting Always On Time Sign & Design with this important task. We look forward to helping your business stand out.

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