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What Does Soft Shoulder Mean?

You may have been driving along at some point, and you’ve seen a sign which declares that there is a Soft Shoulder up ahead, and you may have wondered exactly what that means. First of all, the sign itself is a cautionary sign, and its purpose is to inform you that the berm up ahead […]

Tips for Improving Highway Sign Visibility in Vermont

Any sign that’s posted on a highway needs to be visible—a lack of highway sign visibility in Vermont can quickly become a safety issue, especially if the sign is meant to alert people to upcoming hazards or to post speed limits. In some cases, the level of visibility a sign has could be the difference […]

What Are Traffic Delineators?

Countless people drive every day, so it’s essential to keep roadways as safe as possible for them. In some cases, roadwork, unusual road conditions and other hazards can pose a threat to the safety of drivers, and it’s critically important to help them navigate around the obstacle as effectively and safely as possible. Traffic delineators […]

The Benefits of Message Boards for Traffic Safety

Drivers rely on traffic signs in Vermont to communicate a lot of important information, including the speed limit, the proximity of services and landmarks and their general location, but there are some instances when this permanent signage isn’t enough. When there’s an accident, special event, roadwork or detour, specialized communication is necessary. This is where […]