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What Does No ‘HM’ Mean on a Road Sign

Roadway signage maintains safety and efficiency of traffic by conveying information to drivers regardless of language. Many different colors and shapes speak to different meanings, with yellow signs on the road functioning as general warning messages, green conveying directions or traffic movements, and brown signs along the highway indicating sites of recreation or cultural interest. […]

Different Types of Traffic Delineators & Their Uses

Traffic delineators came into being as a result of a need for temporarily directing roadway transit away from a specific location for some reason, usually because construction is underway in that area. Over the years, the design of these delineators has been refined to make them more versatile, more portable, and more useful in a […]

What Color are Guide Signs?

The color of signs is important so they can quickly and accurately convey information to the viewer. This is why signs along the roads must conform to a standard set by the United States Department of Transportation – Federal Highway Administration (FHA), as published in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). This standard […]

10 Most Common Diamond-Shaped Road Signs & Their Meanings

Road signs have been designed to be consistent. Red usually means stop or danger. Blue indicates user services or tourist information. Brown guides you to cultural or local attractions. Yellow asks for caution. Just as a color denotes one factor, shape designates another: stop signs are the only style that is octagonal. Horizontal placards usually […]

What Does a “Do Not Pass” Sign Mean?

You should always be familiar with your driving handbook for road rules and traffic laws specific to your state. In addition, experienced drivers will use caution when driving rather than risk their lives or the lives of others by being reckless or inattentive. Common sense, alertness, a level head, and courtesy should always prevail on […]