Winter Is Coming: Five Ways to Prepare Your Signs for Changes in the Weather

It certainly doesn’t feel like it yet, but winter will be here before we know it! Soon, the leaves will begin to change, and suddenly we’ll have a snow-covered ground. While winter is great for those who love skiing, sledding, ice skating, and other cold weather activities, it’s awful for outdoor signs. Cold temperatures and […]

Five Best Practices in Choosing the Right Sign for Your Needs

Business owners know the importance of hanging the right sign outside of their shop. Good commercial signs in Vermont attract customers, which increases foot traffic and helps boost profits. This post will teach you everything you need to know about designing and installing a sign that’ll maximize business and ensure your shop looks amazing: Design […]

Increase in Injuries and Fatalities for Older Drivers

It’s no secret that America’s population is rapidly aging. As people age, their health begins to decline, and their driving habits begin to shift. While many elderly people are perfectly capable of continuing to drive safely, it may require a slight adjustment of driving habits. It’s important for traffic management agencies in regions with aging […]

Safety Corridors in Vermont

Safety corridors are high-risk stretches of road where state and local governments may impose stiffer penalties than usual for traffic violations, like speeding. Vermont is currently piloting a safety corridor program that will allow it to improve the way that it manages some high-traffic corridors. If you’re driving through a safety corridor, the best thing […]

Traffic Signs in Vermont Support Safe Routes to School Program

Fewer and fewer families are taking advantage of the possibility of walking or biking to school. As more cars hit the roads, traffic jams increase, pollution increases and childhood obesity increases. In response to these alarming consequences, Vermont initiated the Safe Routes to School Program. Using optimal routes marked by traffic signs in Vermont, the […]