Choosing the Right Stands for Roll-Up Signage in Vermont

Rollup signage

When you’re setting up a construction area on a roadway, it’s important you invest in high-quality portable road work signs to properly alert everyone on the road of the upcoming construction zone to ensure the safety of all the workers. Part of investing in that signage is making sure you have high-quality stands that keep those signs in position. After all, if the weather gets windy, there’s a chance the signs could be knocked over if you’re not using the proper stands, which would mean drivers would not be alerted to the presence of the construction zone until it’s too late.

So, how can you select stands for your roll-up signage in Vermont that will give you reliable performance and keep your stands upright through the duration of your upcoming road construction project? Here’s some quick information from our team that you will find useful in your sign stand selection.

Choosing the stand

High-quality stands are designed in a way that will keep signs in place and prevent them from tipping over, even when winds get strong. You should therefore look for sign stands that clearly indicate they are capable of resisting the impact that comes from high winds. Many sign stand manufacturers will include this information in specifications for the stands in their catalogs or on their websites, but if you do not see this information it is crucial you get it from the manufacturer before making a purchase decision.

Most high-quality wind-resistant sign stands will be made out of steel, and will have springs that have been designed to prevent turning and twisting. Longer legs made with aircraft aluminum can help to prevent movement from occurring, especially when using rubber caps to provide more friction with the ground.

These stands are generally both long and lightweight. They can easily fold up for storage and transportation, and will be available in a wide variety of heights, including as high as six or seven feet off the ground. But just because they’re long and light doesn’t mean they’re not durable or capable of withstanding the elements!

Consider the sign face

Certain types of roll-up signage stands will work better with some types of sign faces than others, so it’s a good idea to plan out the creation of your signs based on the stands you have, and vice versa. Spend some time looking into the type of sign face that will best work with the stands you’ve selected—the manufacturer will be able to lend you some insight in that regard.

In addition, you should make sure all of your sign face materials are capable of withstanding bad weather, solvent exposure and impacts, just like your stands.

These are just a few of the considerations to take into account when selecting stands for your roll-up signage in Vermont. For more information about how you can keep your road construction zones safe, contact the team at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries today with any questions. We look forward to helping you soon!

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