Advice for Using Graphic Design Services in Vermont: How to Choose Removable Wall Graphics for Your Child’s Room

Graphic design services in Vermont are about much more than designing signage and building websites. For example, you can commission fun graphics to have printed out to use on your kids’ bedroom walls. Here’s some advice about how to choose removable wall graphics for your child’s room.

Make a budget

If you’re planning to put up wall graphics, you need to treat it like any other home project. First, even though wall decals and stickers are affordable room decorations, you should still sit down and create a budget for the project. The cost of all those pieces will add up quickly, especially between wanting to add shapes, animals, words and characters to all the walls. Another thing to consider is whether you plan to paint the walls prior to adhering the decals. If so, remember to include the cost of paint in your budget. Making a budget will ensure that your bank account doesn’t end up in the red.

Plan with the child’s age in mind

Do you have a new baby on the way? Congratulations! Since you are planning to add wall graphics to the baby’s nursery, feel free to decorate it as you wish. Visually interesting patterns are great for stimulating the young minds of babies and toddlers, but they shouldn’t be too intriguing that they cause the child to stay up at night.

However, if you have older children, you will want to get their input before ordering wall graphics. This is a fantastic way to let them express who they are or who they want to be when they grow up. Letting them take the lead on this project could be beneficial, as they can learn responsibility and how to work in a group, as well as employ their creativity.

Select the graphic colors

The right decal colors are important, but so are the already existing colors in the room. So, depending on how adventurous you are, you may want to take the current wall paint color into consideration. If you’re leaving the decision up to an older kid, then inform them of the possible dilemma, because they may not see the problem. Once you finalize a color scheme, make sure to carry it out throughout the entire space—including the furnishings and room decorations. This will keep the room from looking like a chaotic mess of colors.

Pick a theme

Whether your child loves animals or specific cartoon characters, choosing a wall graphics theme for the room and putting them up is fun for the entire family. A good idea to help you choose a room theme is pulling inspiration from your or your child’s favorite things—including nature (animals, flowers, trees, the ocean), movies, books, music and sports (favorite teams). The great thing about removable graphics is that they are not permanent; they can change as your child grows and be passed down to younger siblings.

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