Why Font Is Important for Plastic Signs in Vermont

There are a lot of different reasons why people might need to have signs made. Perhaps they are selling a car, having a garage sale or advertising for an event at their business. If you need a sign or two made—or many more—one thing you need to remember is that font is important. This may seem like a silly reminder to some, but because font can impact the effectiveness of your sign, you should really choose wisely.

Here’s why font is so important for plastic signs in Vermont:

  • Visibility: For some reason, some fonts are just harder to see than others. When you go to get your sign made, it is important that you can read what the sign says. If you aren’t sure of which fonts to avoid, it would be best to ask the staff. They should be able to tell you which fonts to steer clear of, but also point you in the direction of the font that is best for your sign.
  • Appeal: How many signs make you stop to read them when you see them? When you do stop, is it because you actually want to read the sign, or because it just appealed to you or grabbed your attention? Believe it or not, font really does draw people in and get them to read your sign. In addition to good font, more people will stop to read your sign when the colors and sizing of the letters are appealing.
  • Message: Anyone can read a sign, but depending on the font, this sign will be confusing to a lot of people because letters can sometimes be mistaken for other letters if the font is particularly complex or flowery. If people are having difficulty reading the sign, there is no guarantee that your message is getting across. Choose a font that makes your message as clear as possible, so you can be sure people understand.
  • Simplicity: People are more likely to read a sign if it is simple. Some fonts can be complex and require people to concentrate when reading. You want people to take the time out to read your sign, but you want to make sure it doesn’t take them too long, because the longer it takes, the less likely they are to read the entire thing. Simplicity is key when picking a font, so there is no need to pick anything that is too fancy.

If you are going to spend money on a sign, you have to make sure the sign will do its job—otherwise it will be a waste of money. To ensure people see, read and understand the sign as intended, you have to pick the perfect font. As there are so many fonts in existence, this may seem like a tough job, but it is definitely possible and will make a huge difference in the sign’s effectiveness.

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