What Kind of Project and Construction Signs in Vermont Do You Need for Your Next Job?

Everyone who’s sat through a driver’s education class or who has worked on a construction site knows (or should know) the importance of project and construction signs in Vermont. Construction and project signs are sometimes the only things protecting road and construction crews from the looming danger represented by out of control drivers on the road, as well as other hazards that are ever present while on a construction site.

Road crew construction signs

As mentioned above, a sign can be a worker’s only protection against crazy drivers. There are stories on the news all of the time about reckless drivers careening off the road and colliding with a roadside worker or piece of heavy duty machinery. The best way to prevent (or try to prevent) accidents like that from occurring is to clearly post plenty of signs along the road alerting oncoming drivers that there are workers around. Here are a few of the kinds of signs we sell that can help prevent accidents:

  • Speed limit signs: Every driver is supposed to abide by the speed limit, and most people do. However, a speed limit sign that indicates a lower speed in the construction zone is sure to inform drivers that it’s time to slow down.
  • Signs alerting drivers of fines: Signs that alert drivers of possible fines resulting from speeding through a construction zone work really well to get people to slow down and pay attention to their surroundings. It’s easy to grab someone’s attention if they’re aware they could pay thousands of dollars for going too fast and putting workers’ lives in danger.
  • Flashing signs: A great way to get a driver’s attention is to place a sign on the road that flashes yellow or orange lights.

These are just a few of the signs you might need. Speak with your sign maker about other options that might be available.

Construction site signs

Road crews aren’t the only workers who need signs on the job. No matter the size, every type of construction project needs signs to alert workers of danger. We offer all types of signs that will help prevent incidents from occurring on the job site, while also meeting all of the OSHA standards:

  • Hardhat area signs: Your employees need to know which places on the site require them to wear their hardhats, which is why hardhat area signs are a staple for any job site.
  • Ear protection signs: Construction sites are loud places. Make sure your site has signs posted alerting workers that their hearing could be permanently damaged if they don’t have the correct ear protection gear.
  • Eye safety signs: Flying debris can cause temporary or even permanent loss of sight. Make sure your employees are safe by posting signs reminding them to put on eye protection.
  • Barrier tape and fences: Make sure your employees and the general public know exactly where the construction site starts and stops by setting up barriers and fences around the site.

Always On Time Sign & Design fabricates and sells all kinds of construction signs in Vermont that can meet your exact signage needs. Contact us today to learn more about our signs and the rest of our services.

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