Take Advantage of Creative Graphic Design in Vermont for Your Floor and Window Graphics

If you’re looking to take your business’ storefront or office to the next level, then investing in custom floor or window graphics is a great way to enhance the employee and customer experience. As a business that offers unique and helpful graphic design in Vermont, we love seeing the different ideas our clients come up with. Here are a few great ways to incorporate graphic design in Vermont into your business’ floors and windows.

Floor graphics

The floor has been an overlooked marketing space for far too long, but fortunately, that’s starting to change. These three different approaches to floor graphics will make your walking surfaces pop:

  • Use architecture: Stairs, ramps, and other uneven architectural floor details shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance, but as an opportunity! If you run a bakery, have your customers walk up a ramp of pastries leading into an open mouth. A bookstore can paint a different title on each stair step. Whatever you do, your customers will likely be delighted when climbing stairs turns into entertainment.
  • Make it interactive: Painted footprints, roads and subway lines are just a few ways you can use your floor to guide people to different parts of your space. These interactive floor graphics work especially well for businesses that focus on childcare or education.
  • Imagine new environments: A floor graphic is an affordable, easy way to transport your customers and employees to a completely different environment. Making your tile floor look like a frozen lake, an old hardwood floor or a grassy field are just a few ways to give your business’ visitors a totally unique experience.

Window graphics

Windows allow passersby a glimpse into your business whether or not they even come inside. Your window is some of the best free advertising space you can have, especially if you’re located on a busy street. Here are a couple ways to make the most of it:

  • Incorporate product displays: If you’re a retail business, use window graphics to enhance your already impressive product displays. For example, a line of summer swimwear can be taken to the next level with a graphic beach scene surrounding it.
  • Use shadow silhouettes: Rather than relying on mannequins or photographs of people to draw customers in, graphic shadow silhouettes on windows provide a more versatile, artistic and unusual option. A generic silhouette family will allow your potential customers to imagine themselves in your store, which is the ultimate goal of any advertising or marketing campaign.
  • Go natural: Finally, creating a more natural look through window graphics is a nice alternative to bright, synthetic colors, especially if your business is related to the outdoors. Window graphics and a little imagination can transform your storefront into a redwood forest, a white sand beach or an Arctic glacier for your customers to enjoy.

Whatever direction you decide to go in with your window and floor graphics, we hope you’ll trust the job to Always On Time Sign & Design, your local source for creative graphic design in Vermont. We look forward to working with your business.

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