Strategies for Promoting Your Business with Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Graphics in Vermont

In today’s marketing-heavy world, just getting your business noticed can be a struggle. Instead of fighting for space and attention through third-party outlets, why not turn your mode of transportation into a mobile billboard? Vehicle wraps and graphics, when done with tasteful designs and eye-catching colors, can be a great way to draw positive attention to your business. As a company that provides vehicle graphics in Vermont, we know all about the different ways you can get the most mileage out of your vehicle wraps. Here are a few fun suggestions for making sure your vehicle graphics create plenty of buzz and draw in some new customers:

  • Parking: If your business doesn’t have a highly visible storefront in a high-traffic area, it can be a challenge to even let customers know you exist. Fortunately your car or truck can act as a flexible, mobile advertisement. It’s a good idea to try to park in an area with lots of activity as often as possible, and it’s an even better idea to park where your potential customers are likely to be. For example, if you own a used furniture store, don’t park in an expensive neighborhood—parking near a college campus or affordable apartment complex is a much smarter way to attract people looking for inexpensive furniture.
  • Events: Events are always a great opportunity for free advertising, and a car or truck will help your business stand out from the sea of booths. You can even incorporate your car into the fun. For instance, using it as a photo booth or other interactive experience will draw many more customers your way.
  • Samples: Everyone loves free stuff, and a car or truck is a great means of dispensing free products or promotional items related to your business. This works especially well if your business is a restaurant or food manufacturer, as food carts and trucks are gaining in popularity all over the country right now. The average person is much more likely to take samples from a clearly marked business than from an unmarked car, so make sure you have a vehicle wrap or graphics before attempting this.
  • Use the Internet: Pretty much any company can use social media to interact with its customers. But pairing social media with a real world experience, like a company vehicle, takes the marketing to the next level. For example, if you’re planning to be at an event or a busy area giving out samples, you can tweet about it to increase your turnout. You can even turn spotting your car into a contest: every person who sees your car in traffic and tweets about it with a particular hashtag can be entered into a drawing. Using the Internet doesn’t have to decrease your company’s person to person contact—it can enhance it!

We hope these ideas have helped get your creative juices flowing. For awesome, strategically designed vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics in Vermont, you can count on Always On Time Sign & Design.

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