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How Smart Work Zones Improve Traffic Safety

Work zones create hazards for drivers and workers. Installing smart work zone equipment mitigates the impacts of disrupted traffic patterns. Even the Manuel Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) acknowledges under 6A.01.09 the positive impact on the safety of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) used in smart work zones. When work zones have properly integrated smart equipment […]

How to Implement a Smart Work Zone

Smart work zones, or SWZs, are established to prevent road hazards during freeway or other roadway construction and repair work. Motorists must be protected from accidents that can arise from the surprise of a lane closure, a lane shift, or reduced speeds, and Worksafe Traffic Control Industries can help. At the same time, road workers […]

The Future of Smart Work Zones

Digital work zone signs will continue to transform freeway technology in the future, and machine learning and artificial intelligence will likely both play supporting roles in helping drivers maneuver through work zones, accident sites, and road maintenance projects. Today, a smart work zone uses intelligent, real-time data to establish safe working areas for road construction. […]

What Are the 4 Key Components of Early Warning Systems?

Early Warning Systems are a key component in preventing pandemics, natural disasters, and other crises. They can help identify threats before they become real problems and help communities prepare for the worst-case scenario. While they are not foolproof, they are an essential part of a comprehensive approach to keeping people safe. In this article, Worksafe […]

What Are the Benefits of Early Warning Systems?

Emergency management is a critical part of any community, and the impact of emergency management is often far-reaching. Whether a natural disaster or industrial accident, an emergency can significantly impact the community. Because they are largely unpredictable, communities must have an effective system to deal with them. A good emergency management system from Worksafe Traffic […]