Five Best Practices in Choosing the Right Sign for Your Needs

Business owners know the importance of hanging the right sign outside of their shop. Good commercial signs in Vermont attract customers, which increases foot traffic and helps boost profits. This post will teach you everything you need to know about designing and installing a sign that’ll maximize business and ensure your shop looks amazing:

  • Design and branding: First off, your sign has to accurately reflect your brand. Carefully consider colors, font and logo size on your sign to ensure that people will recognize that it’s your store when driving down the road. The last thing you want is to spend a ton of time designing a sign and not have people recognize your shop while passing by. The good news for you is that we’re here to help every step of the way. We can provide insight into how your sign should look to guarantee success.
  • Mounting: Putting your sign in the proper location is second only to its branding. After all, there’s no point in designing a cool sign if nobody is going to see it. Make sure you know exactly where you want your sign to go before starting the design, as its location can affect the sign’s design and shape. Don’t forget—your sign should always be mounted safely to ensure it doesn’t pose a safety hazard for anyone walking under it. For that reason, it’s best to choose a pro to install it for you.
  • Size: How big is this thing going to be? Will it be the most prominent sign on the block, or will it be just the right size to let people know where your shop is located? Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. A larger sign will cost you a lot more money, and might not even help increase foot traffic all that much more. Work with a professional to design the sign that’s the perfect size for your business and your budget.
  • Consider the weather: Though we can’t control the weather, we can control how the weather impacts your sign. Before designing and mounting your sign, we’ll need to consider how the sun will fade it over time and how elements like wind, rain and snow will affect it during a storm. We may need to mount it lower to the ground or alter its shape to minimize damage caused by wind. Adjusting your plans now to accommodate the typical weather conditions in your area will help ensure you don’t have to fix a broken sign after a big storm.
  • Adhere to local laws: Last, but certainly not least, your sign needs to obey all local rules and regulations regarding commercial signage. These rules can include things like height, imagery and even colors. Instead of reading through all of the regulations in your town, work with a team of professionals who know the laws by heart. We can ensure that your new sign obeys all of the local regulations, so your business doesn’t get in any legal trouble.

Need more help with a sign for your business? Just give Worksafe Traffic Control Industries a call. We have years of experience working with all sorts of signs for businesses, as well as traffic control devices in Vermont. We’ll work closely with you to design and install a sign that helps increase awareness for your shop and maximize profits.

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