April Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Ice and snow is on its way out as spring approaches, but that doesn’t mean driving conditions are any safer than they were during winter. Today’s technology, in particular, has created an immense number of distractions for drivers. These distractions often lead to car crashes, injuries and even fatalities because drivers miss important instructions displayed on traffic signs in Vermont, fail to see other cars or pedestrians or lose control on the road.

National Safety Council research shows that more than 40,000 people died in traffic-related incidents in 2017. Many of these deaths could have been avoided by drivers paying more attention to the road and their surroundings, and by staying off their mobile or dashboard devices. We at Worksafe Traffic Control Industries are calling on all vehicle drivers and private, public, federal and legislative groups to take the pledge to drive cell-free during and after the month of April, which is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Here’s how you can be a more focused driver:

  • Put down the phone: One of the most common causes of distracted car crashes is the use of mobile phones. Don’t snapchat, text, tweet or even check the time on your phone while driving. Looking away for even a second can cause catastrophic damage and injury.
  • Avoid phone calls: Even if you’re using hands-free devices, speakerphones or Bluetooth, engaging in phone calls while driving can result in distractions that cause you to miss important things on the road. Keep your phone off while driving and call your contacts back once you arrive at your destination.
  • Stay away from dashboard devices: Some people believe that just because manufacturers install dashboard “entertainment centers” in their vehicles, they are somehow safer to use while driving. Again, using these is a bad idea. Taking your hands off the wheel or averting your eyes from the road can lead to fatal crashes.
  • Watch for traffic signs: Traffic signs in Vermont are important to indicate construction zones, lower speed limits, one-way streets and more. Even if you are not using a mobile device, if you aren’t paying close attention to the traffic signs posted around you, you might miss important instructions and hurt yourself or another individual.
  • Rest: Being tired is another major distraction not caused by mobile devices. Don’t drive while you are feeling sleepy. Instead, pull over to a parking lot or safe location and rest until you feel safe to drive once again.

The National Safety Council is also calling for companies and other organizations to speak with their employees about distracted driving, both on and off the job. Even traffic control companies that have experience with traffic management technology in Vermont are susceptible to the allure of distractions while on the road. Worksafe Traffic Control Industries is dedicated to stopping distracted driving, and we encourage our customers to do the same.

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