Five Graphic Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Graphic design trends are constantly changing. Influences from the media, technology, fashion and more are all dictating what designers are creating. Like most trends, what’s popular seems to change quickly and without any sort of notice. What’s “in” now probably will be on its way out within the next two years. That’s why it’s so important to know what trends are on the cusp of massive popularity while also noting any that are headed out of style so you can always stay current. Many of the popular 2017 design trends will be long gone by the time we ring in 2018. The muted tones and subtle typography that seem to be everywhere this year will be traded in for vibrant shades and bold typography. Graphic design in Vermont will be incorporating these modern, eye-catching styles into their work in 2018

Here are five graphic design trends you can expect to see everywhere in the coming year:

  • Minimalism: Minimalism has gotten a bad reputation over the past few years. The functional style has become associated with being boring and monotone. But minimalism is actually anything but boring. The minimal and functional designs don’t have to be limited to bland black and white. Instead, minimalistic design will reemerge with impactful fonts and attention-grabbing pops of color. This creates an easy-to-read and memorable logo or website design perfect for practically every type of business.
  • Hand drawings: The classic hand-drawn look was rejected for the ultra-modern computer generated images. But hand drawings are about to make a big comeback. Companies and designers are favoring the authentic graphics that are bound to help you stand out. Plus, research shows it actually appeals to the user’s inner child, which automatically helps them feel more relaxed while also making products seem accessible.
  • Bold typography: Big and bold fonts are going to be the new weapon to easily draw the eye. The loud fonts can almost be their own graphic as they take over the page. The need for an over-the-top logo is gone. Instead, designers are going to be making the text the focal point. The font style is perfect for advertisements or images viewed on most standard smart phones.
  • Bright colors: The past few years have been full of muted, subtle hues. It’s time to ditch the bland color palettes for vibrant ones! You don’t have to incorporate the whole rainbow, though. Adding just a pop of color to a sign or banner will create a fresh new look while still managing to embrace the old.
  • Custom graphics: Everyone thinks they have a “unique” logo or website. Unfortunately, the design isn’t always so different in a world that relies heavily on templates. The last thing you want is for your banner to match someone else’s. Set yourself apart with a custom designed banner, vehicle graphic or marketing materials that will be both visually appealing and memorable.

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