Five Factors to Consider for Effective Outdoor Advertising with Commercial Signs in Vermont

Outdoor advertising is the ideal way to attract new customers to your business. It can reach a large number of customers in a short amount of time and convey a message to the masses with little effort required on your part. When you are choosing exterior signs in Vermont to display at your business, you need to keep these factors in mind to make sure they are effective, and that you are not wasting your advertising investment on signs that just don’t work:

  • Keep your wording short: The best exterior signs in Vermont use short and snappy copy that catches a viewer’s attention in a matter of seconds. Keep your message short and to the point, as you can’t rely on potential customers to spend the time required to read lengthy copy as they pass by. Besides, it will be hard for them to read when speeding by in their cars.
  • Use contrasting colors: For your commercial signs in Vermont, you want to mix attractive colors that contrast and are easy to see from far away. Make your signs bright but appealing, so they will stop people in their tracks. Keep in mind the surrounding environment where your sign will be placed, as you don’t want it to blend in with any background colors.
  • Don’t forget an image: Images can help convey the message of your commercial signs in Vermont. Images are a good way to complement what you are trying to tell customers by reinforcing the copy. Use an image that is clear and easy to see, as well as impactful in its look. You may also want to use an extension for your image to really drive home its point and make sure customers can see it from afar.
  • Use simple fonts: Your font choice is critical to your customers’ ability to read your sign. Using very complicated fonts or cursive fonts can make them hard to see when driving, or from far away. Keep your font size as large as possible and be sure to use a simple font that is easy to read. Be careful with bold or thin fonts, as these can also be hard to read. Spacing is also important, as you want to make sure your message doesn’t get lost or become confusing to viewers.
  • Review your final design: Before you decide to unveil your commercial signs in Vermont, be sure to spellcheck and review all the aspects of the sign design with as many people as possible within your business. You may have missed a crucial detail or have a typo that can be avoided by taking the time to review the artwork before you finalize your outdoor sign for use.

The above tips can help your exterior signs in Vermont stand out from the crowd and be more effective in their attempts to garner attention. When you are in need of new commercial signs in Vermont, contact Always On Time Sign & Design. We can create the perfect sign to promote your business that really drives home your advertising message.

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