Achieve Great Logo Design in Vermont by Using These Features

Your business, sports team or organization’s logo is an extremely valuable part of your brand. It’s the visual representation of your organization that your members or customers see everywhere—from the front of your building to t-shirts, hats and other accessories. Your logo should directly reflect your organization and what value you provide. For this reason, it’s extremely important to invest time and effort into getting a great logo design in Vermont.

Logos have a few key components; each piece adds to the logo to create a beautiful and unique design that represents your brand. Special thought should be put into the color, text, font and icon pieces of your logo design. Let’s examine each of the four main components of logos and how they help your organization stand out from the crowd:

  • Icons or images: Some of the most memorable components of your logo are the icons or images present. These icons or images can be common, or they can be designed to be absolutely unique. If you opt for a more recognizable image, try to keep it simple so that it doesn’t overpower the entire logo. Whatever icon or image you choose as the focal point of your logo, make sure it directly represents your brand.
  • Colors: The colors you use in your logo also play a large role in the overall design. Colors carry specific meanings and often portray feelings or have associations—for example, yellow is often associated with the feeling of happiness, and blue is often thought to be calm. Find a color palette that encompasses the feelings you want your customers to have toward your brand.
  • Text: Although many organizations try to minimize the use of text in logos, text is a great way to provide the name of your organization or display a short tag line or motto that represents your brand. Avoid overpowering the logo with text—keep it short, sweet and simple, but don’t be afraid to add words to emphasize your design!
  • Font: Finally, if your logo design does utilize text, font plays a large role in how that text is received. Different font styles portray different feelings—do you want to appear very professional, scary or playful? Should you use a serif or sans serif font? Whether you use an already existing font or have one custom designed, the font should fit with the other elements of your brand.

When your organization is having a logo designed, make sure you think about each of these four elements. Your logo should be memorable, easily recognizable, clear and professional to help boost your brand awareness. Take time to consider how the images, colors, text and font will play into the composition of your logo. If you do this, you’ll be sure to create a great logo design that best represents your organization!

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