Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays with All Kinds of Graphics and Signs in Vermont

Preparing ahead of time for the holiday shopping season with sale signs and holiday decor is very important for business owners everywhere—especially if they want to move their inventory and make a big profit from gift sales. But with all the business competition out there, what can you do differently this year to put a spotlight on your products or services? Here are some suggestions to help get your business ready for the holidays using a variety of graphics and signs in Vermont:

  • Sale banners: As a business owner, you must jump on the advertising bandwagon to push your sales for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s—the most popular shopping holidays of the year. Make your sales pop with eye-catching indoor banners of various sizes displayed over sale items, or even consider bright color banners with arrows directing customers to sale areas. Another idea is to get banners in the shape of wide, downward pointing arrows with enticing messages like “2 for the Price of 1” or “70% off!”
  • Special event banners: You can create large vinyl banners to make your Thanksgiving and Christmas sales known from a distance, but remember they must also be easy to read. Informational banners can be as simple as letting potential customers know how much they can save on specially priced items to clarifying how long a sale is running. Additionally, a hanging indoor or outdoor banner can provide colorful and exciting visual graphics to wish customers happy holidays without the need for words.
  • Wall graphics: Here’s an idea. If your business does not have room for a real Christmas tree, you can install an interior wall graphic of a tree, complete with decorations hanging overhead. These peel-and-stick signs and images make it easy to switch out wall graphics to depict whichever holiday is coming up next, or to move them around the store.
  • Window graphics: An alternative to window painting is to use window graphics that are easy to apply and remove. If you want to affix some inexpensive holiday cheer to your business windows, simply seek out an expert to help bring your design ideas to life. After all, a large open window surface is the perfect place to advertise seasonal sales amidst a flurry of holiday window art.
  • Vehicle wraps: Dressing your business and personal vehicles up for the holidays in vehicle wraps and graphics has several advantages. It’s free advertising and a great way to promote holiday sales while simply driving around town.

The takeaway here is that the holiday season is the perfect time to display your holiday spirit and advertise seasonal sales with fun business signs, banners and surface graphics. Not sure which type of visual you like the best? Instead of choosing just one, you can always mix and match to give your shop a more personal touch.

Don’t let your competitors get a leg up! Now is the time to jump on creating all the graphics and signs in Vermont you will need to make your business stand out. Call us today at Always On Time Sign & Design for signs of all kinds before the holiday rush!

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