Five Tips to Follow for Great Office Signs in Vermont

Every business wants to stand out, and having eye-catching signs can be a big step in the right direction. If you’re thinking about designing some signs for your office, follow the tips below to make sure you make a positive impression on every customer who steps through the door.

Be yourself

There will always be pressure to follow the latest common trend in the business design world. After all, if other businesses are following a theme and it seems to be working, why shouldn’t you try it? Try to resist the urge to fall in line, however, because what works for one business doesn’t work for all—and you don’t want to slip into obscurity, surrounded by a sea of similar signs at every downtown office. Plus, copying someone’s signage too closely might just seem like trademark infringement, and that opens up a whole new can of worms you’d be better off avoiding.

Keep it simple

Of course you want to create something appealing, and that’s great! Just don’t overdo it with lots of different colors and themes all in one space—that could lead to a mess when you try to make it big enough for a receptionist’s backdrop and then small enough to go on a mug. Make it clean and professional—your customers (and your staff) will thank you.

Think about your text

The words you write will represent your company, so make them stand out – but keep them professional. For example, a font that’s extra flowery or childlike might seem like a good idea because it makes you seem approachable. But in reality, most people will likely see it as sloppy, and even amateur. It’s better to take the time now than to regret your choice when it’s too late. When in doubt about the type of font you need for your signs in Vermont, always consult with a professional sign company.

Go easy on the color

It’s tempting to incorporate a lot of color to catch your customer’s eye or make you stand out. To be sure, color is an important aspect of a good sign. But it can also make or break your office reputation—if you have too many colors, the sign will clash and look disorganized. Try to pick two or three complementary colors, put together the layout and see how it looks hung up on a wall or printed in a pamphlet. If it feels inviting and professional, you’ve done the job right.

Remember—you can still be original

Think about what defines your company, and add it to your sign. Maybe you have a saying or a mascot that stands out. Include it going forward and make it a solid part of your brand.

Always On Time Sign & Design is always here to help you choose the best design for all your sign needs. When you need office signs in Vermont, we hope you’ll give us a call or stop by anytime and see what we can do for you!

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