Five Simple Pieces of Signage that can Yield Huge Results for Your Business


They say it’s the little things that matter the most, but sometimes that can be a hard fact to remember when you’re focused heavily on the big picture. Business owners know this feeling all too well: you’re focused on growing your business as a whole and because of this, you might overlook little things here and there until they’re staring you in the face, demanding attention!

Business marketing and signage are no different. While it might make the most sense for you to focus on the bigger aspects of signage—like your store’s channel lettering or the interior signage you’re utilizing for a new promotion—overlooking everyday little signs can actually negate the efforts of your focus in ways that might not even be prevalent to you until they become a bold problem.

Take a look at five pieces of commercial signage in Vermont that may be small, but are absolutely essential to maintaining a sustainable business model:

  1. Directional signage: How are people supposed to navigate to and from your business without some sort of signage that tells them how to get to where they want to go? For businesses that are located within office buildings, strip malls, off the beaten path, or somewhere else that’s not blatantly obvious, directional signage is an absolute necessity.
  2. Vinyl banners: A vinyl banner is an essential tool in any business’s marketing regime because it’s such a diverse and functional asset. Vinyl banners can be cheaply bought, used over and over again (provided they have a recyclable message), easily stored, resistant to abuse, and highly captivating to an audience. Place vinyl banners indoors or outdoors to high effect and watch as they truly lend themselves to your business’ marketing goals.
  3. Sandwich boards: If your business is located off of a sidewalk, there’s no reason a sandwich board or two shouldn’t be in your arsenal—especially with the summer season coming up. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to this type of commercial signage in Vermont and if you put the right message on the board, you’re liable to see foot traffic coming into your store that might otherwise have passed you by.
  4. Handheld signage: Have you ever wondered why you see so many people holding signs near the side of a busy intersection or why companies spend money on costumes and signage for their employees to parade around heavily trafficked streets? It’s because these signs work to draw people’s attention! Having a piece of handheld signage with the right message can act as a directional funnel for people who might otherwise just walk or drive on by your business.
  5. Mailers: Who says a piece of signage has to be stationary? Marketing materials in and of themselves are signs and having the right ones working for you out in the world can be the difference between a new customer and another dull day at the shop. Mailers are perhaps the simplest example of this, as well as the most effective. If you’re working to bring people through your doors and expand your business, mailers as marketing material cannot be overlooked.

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