May 14, 2016

This kind of service is rare!

"I got the new double-sided sign for our VAST trails on Monday. Thank you so very much. This kind of service is becoming very rare these days! The members of the Mad River Ridge Runners appreciate it."
March 14, 2016

Great Service

"What great service!"
September 21, 2015
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Kudos from the State of Vermont

"I want to thank Worksafe Traffic Control Industries for the role you played in this weekend’s success (and the prior NB weekend success). Everyone worked safely, diligently and were well prepared. Everyone communicated/coordinated great with adjacent crews and inspectors, so work could stay on schedule and any slight adjustments handled seamlessly. We received lots of compliments from motorists as the flaggers and cops were directing traffic. We’ve even received/offered pizzas, pies and thank you cards. You all were an important part of the success and accomplished an amazing feat for the State of Vermont and dramatically limited the overall impacts to the motorists of Vermont. I hope you all share in the pride of this accomplishment."