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Road signs bring sanity to all roads, and each traffic sign serves a purpose. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what they all represent for your safety and protect other road users. Soft shoulder signs are among those signs which play a crucial role on roads, especially on country roads and rural highways. Well-designed soft shoulders result in a smooth and safe traffic operation. These signs advise road users about conditions unrelated to a specific location.

Types of Soft Shoulder Signs

Soft shoulder signs can be classified depending on the materials used. However, there are two common materials for this type of sign.

High-intensity prismatic reflective aluminum: High-intensity prismatic reflective aluminum soft shoulder signs are made from aluminum and have a bright, reflective surface. These signs can be seen from a distance, making them useful for road safety. They use reflective materials that reflect light from any angle when light shines on them. These are an excellent choice for high-speed roads like highways. This material is strong and durable and withstands even harsh conditions without rusting.

Fluorescent yellow prismatic reflective aluminum: These soft shoulder signs return most of their light to drivers, which helps increase visibility in harsh weather, night, and daylight. In addition, they can be seen from a mile away at night. They are excellent for urban environments, which experience high traffic. Of the two materials, this is the brightest and most durable.

Choosing the best soft shoulder sign will likely reduce traffic offenses. Order from us today to ensure our roads are safe.

Where to Place Shoulder Signs

Shoulder signs are used on public roads or highways to warn about shoulders that can be paved or unpaved. The hard shoulder signs are common on urban roads, but you can also find them on country roads or rural highways. You can find soft shoulder signs mostly near construction sites, rural highways, and country roads.

What Does a Soft Shoulder Sign Indicate?

A soft shoulder sign warns the drivers that the road they are driving on has a soft shoulder or is grass, gravel, or dirt.
The sign has a diamond shape and a bright yellow background color with black text. Don’t panic if you notice a soft shoulder sign; instead, ensure you stay on the paved road. Also, if you lose control and the tires run off the road onto a soft surface, drive carefully to regain control and return to the paved road.

Why Are Soft Shoulder Signs Important?

Soft shoulder signs are essential for the safety of drivers and their passengers. They alert drivers to the presence of a soft shoulder and that there is a potential danger when they use it.
These signs can help reduce accidents on the roads since the driver will be aware that the lane is not paved.
Cars or trucks do not use soft shoulders as a driving lane. However, some states allow you to drive on soft shoulders in certain conditions, such as during emergencies or when there’s ongoing construction on the paved road.
When vehicles are allowed to drive on soft shoulders, drivers must be careful as the car can lose traction, leading to skidding or other worse scenarios.

Buy Soft Shoulder Signs

Soft shoulder signs are essential to traffic safety, increasing the need to have them on our roads. When looking for these signs, you will need a company that will provide high-quality reflective materials. At Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, we pay close attention to every detail in manufacturing to ensure that you get quality products that are MUTCD-compliant.
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