Temporary Roadway Hazard Systems

It’s no secret that road work is a potentially dangerous job. Tons of steel are driving at high speeds down the road, there’s always the potential for an accident to occur when workers on foot in the road or on the side of the road conducting maintenance or upgrades. Unlike other construction jobs where people are at risk of injury from falling or the use of power tools, road workers are facing accidents which are more likely to result in death. Because of such considerations, there legal requirements for people working on the road system and there are further practical, common sense measures about training workers in the means of staying safe. As important as worker behavior is toward maintaining a safe work environment, there are different types of safety equipment available which belong on every road site.

What Are Road Hazard Signs

Trailer Mounted Lighted Signs

Perhaps the most versatile and important pieces of equipment is the programmable safety sign which can flash a direct message informing drivers of what to expect as they approach the portion of road where workers are busy. Such signs can indicate a temporary speed limit, weather conditions, the fact that a lane is closed or that there may be only one lane of traffic, or road damage and blockage. When used properly with other safety equipment, such signs can let drivers know what they are expected to do as they approach a temporary job site which affects their driving.

Cones, Barrels, and Temporary Orange Signs

Although a longer-term job might require concrete or steel traffic barriers to protect workers, those aren’t practical for short jobs which are only going to last a few days. In such a case, traffic cones and barrels are the solution to block off a section of road where people are working. It’s important to remember, drivers can see and avoid such symbols, but ultimately such a means of road closure will not prevent a vehicle from veering into the work zone. It’s extremely important to also be wearing vests, utilizing flags, and generally be watchful for what is going on around the workers.

Cones and barrels work in tandem with orange road signs indicating temporary construction is going on. Such signs let drivers know there is work going on and what traffic conditions may be different from usual. As many messages as are needed can be set up on the stretch of road leading into the work zone. Again, such signage doesn’t provide absolute safety and security for the workers, but it’s generally expected for drivers to recognize the situation and give their full attention to what’s going on as they safely pull through the area.

Work Safe Traffic Control Industries, Inc.

At Work Safe, we recognize the importance of building and maintaining roads and are especially concerned with keeping the men and women in such trades safe and protected. To that end we sell and lease all sorts of safety equipment, everything as mundane as orange safety vests for individual workers to large flashing signs and camera operated video surveillance systems. We are specialist professionals with the knowledge and experience to evaluate individual sets of circumstances and make recommendations based on common sense safety techniques and aspects of job safety which are going to be legally required by OSHA and state roadwork regulations. Give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss your situation and needs so you can get back to work with the confidence of knowing proper safety methods are incorporated on your job site.