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Examples of specific service types of signs are the gas or food placards which you might see along the expressway, indicating that those services are available at the next exit. In order for any business to qualify for having one of these indicators placed along the roadway, it must be able to provide gas or an alternative fuel, as well as oil and water for at least 16 continuous hours per day.
In addition, the services must be available for seven days a week, and must also provide well-maintained sanitary facilities, as well as drinking water for individuals who have stopped for it. The same is true for either food or lodging placards, in that they must be licensed to operate in that state, and they must provide continuous operations throughout the day.

In the case of food businesses, it must be capable of serving at least two meals a day for six days a week, and it must have restrooms as well as a public telephone. Any business qualifying for a lodging sign must have adequate sleeping accommodations, a public telephone, and modern sanitary facilities.

Camping indicators must alert motorists to a facility nearby which is licensed for operation, which has adequate parking, and which has pure drinking water and modern sanitary facilities. Any sign which alerts motorists to an attraction in the area must have adequate parking facilities, and must be regionally significant.

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What Are They?

Specific service placards should be considered placards that alert motorists to the presence of either food, lodging, gas, camping, or some kind of attraction at an upcoming exit. Some of the signs will be accompanied by another sign which identifies the exact exit where the services can be obtained, or they might be accompanied by a sign which says Next Right or Second Right, or one which has directional arrows pointing to the exit.

It’s not allowable to have more than three of these signs grouped together, with their appropriate directional indicators. That means that no more than six total placards are allowed on any given fixture, to alert motorists about upcoming services. All these signs will be displayed on a blue background with a white border, and with all printed information being displayed as white letters, arrows, or numbers.

Regulations require that service signs be situated such that they make the best use of the natural environment, while also having the least impact on that environment. They should also be positioned so that they do not conflict with other signage which may be placed alongside the roadway. If there are services available up ahead which are not covered by traditional indicators, it is allowable to use general placards so as to identify the particular services which are being made available

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Importance of Specific Service Signs

For motorists who are unfamiliar with an area they’re driving through, these placards can serve an invaluable purpose in alerting them to services that are available in the area. As one example, if you happen to be driving along an expressway and you’re running low on gas, it would be very helpful to know that you can obtain the fuel you need at the next exit, or at an exit 10 miles ahead.
The same is true if you’re looking for a place to stay overnight, or if you’re looking for a restaurant where you can obtain food for yourself and your family. Without these placards being posted along the expressway, you would be obliged to guess at whether or not any of the services were obtainable in a given location. You would have to exit the expressway and hope that you can find the services you need there. If it turns out they’re not available at this exit, you will have wasted your time, and you’ll still need to find the service you’re looking for.
These placards are also valuable when you are looking for a specified attraction which you know is in the general area you’re driving through, but you’re not aware of its exact location. When you see a helpful sign along the roadway which alerts you to the fact that your attraction is coming up at the next exit, that can save you an awful lot of time and effort. In short, specific indicators can save motorists a great deal of wasted time by alerting them to services that are available in the area and pointing out the exact exits where they can be found.

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